Episode 010: The Case for Free Transit

A super-sized episode about free transit: what it means, how to do it, where it’s been tried, and its successful implementation in Kansas City, Missouri. Guests: Jason Prince (urban planner & co-editor, Free Public Transit), Matt Staub (Kansas City transit advocate), Robbie Makinen (president & CEO, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority)

Episode 009: What is Dundas West Station?

The next instalment of Station Shorts takes us to Dundas West subway station, where we encounter Vincent Loop, a two-way McDonald’s, and go on an adventure to find the Union-Pearson Express.

Episode 008: Meet Fenton Jagdeo Jr.

A feature interview with Fenton Jagdeo Jr., the newest and youngest person to serve on the board of the Toronto Transit Commission.

Show Notes & Links – Episode 007: Fair Enforcement

Fun coincidence: we released episode 007 on the same day that the TTC released its own report on racial disparities in transit enforcement. (Toronto Star)

Toronto Auditor General’s Report on Fare Evasion and Fare Inspection (PDF)

Accompanying video of AG report (YouTube)

Reece Maxwell-Crawford

Episode 007: Fair Enforcement

We tackle the thorny issue of TTC fare enforcement: its recent origins, why we don’t like it, and what the TTC should be doing instead of fixating on fare evasion. Adriel Smiley shares his Transit Story of being fare inspected at Spadina subway station.