Photo: Guinevere Pura

Helen Lee

Creator / Executive Producer / Co-Host

Born and raised in Toronto, Helen is a professional advocate through her work in affordable housing, social justice, and tenant rights. She believes that Toronto is the best city in the world – and will rise to its defence – while acknowledging its flaws.

Helen’s years of transit advocacy began as an active board member of TTCriders, where she specialized in social media engagement as the unofficial Queen of Tweets. The Next Stop is her way of mashing transit advocacy with creative nerdery, and cranking them to 11.

Vincent Puhakka

Head Writer / Producer / Co-Host

Vincent wants to live where the sidewalks are full of life and transit is abundant. Where the rent isn’t too damn high, and one can spend an entire afternoon sipping amazing craft beer on every patio. Since this mythical place doesn’t seem to exist in the English-speaking world, he lives in central Toronto where he can have at least some of these things.

As a veteran transit activist, Vincent has written extensive articles for Spacing Magazine, the Toronto Star, and Torontoist. He’s also frequently interviewed by local news media as an active member of TTCriders.

Audio editing and mixing by Chelsea Body

Research by Yared Mehzenta